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Greetings everyone.
I'm in a bind with my Kohering excavator. Its from the 70's so I guess that it technically qualifies as antique now.. though that would then qualify *me* as well.. but eh.
Engine valve lifters seized up, and scrapped some internals. I'm in the process of a tear down. I'm looking for anyone with practical experience with the Isuzu 4BB1 engines.. Use to be in the Isuzu ELF's and KT trucks as well.
I'd be interested in buying a 4BB1 to have on hand if someone had one sitting in a dead excavator/truck somewhere. And I'd REALLY be interested in knowing if there were any engines that were a power-side match and could serve as a swap before I go to the trouble of the rebuild. The rarity of this engine makes me want to change it out with something more supportable. But it does appear to be utterly simple and I would imagine, once it was rebuilt, it would give another 20-40 years of effort.
But this is my first piece of 'big' equipment and I'm not even sure how to go about researching what diesels are direct replacement for other diesels. Wouldn't the hydraulic pump it mates to be the important thing? It basically looks like the back end of a transmission bell.. engine drives the pump.. and the fly-wheel gear would dictate compatibility right? Anyway.. I would love some schooling by some grey-beards if anyone has some tid-bits they'd throw my direction.
Many thanks.
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( P.S. For example, if I wanted to put in a different diesel, how do you bolt on the engine to the pump if it has different bolt pattern? Do you have to machine an adapter plate for such a situation? And if so.. how do you ensure gear meshing because of the extra inch of separation? ) These can't be new problems.. but they're new to me. I always just bought the right parts to maintain my equipment. I was never much for modifying stuff. New task new tricks eh?

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Isuzu 4bb1 Manual 2017

Shanghai Diesel Engine Family Co., Ltd. can supply isuzu 4BD1 engine.

CYLINDER LINER for ISUZU The Liner are manufactured in Alloy Steel, and be hard chrome plated in bore.

An extra wide rpm range to achieve maximum torque; Varieties of optional turbocharger for better performance.

The manufacturer introduced the most advanced Cromard technique and complete sets of chrome plating production lines from Laystall Engineering Co., LTD, England.

The liner has reached the top level of the same line in the world, especially the wear resistance ranks first in the same line in the world.

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Engine modelISUZU 4BD1
Engine type4 cylinders in line, 4 stroke, water-cooling
Displacement3.856 L
Rated Power70.6KW(96 HP)@2800rpm
Idle Speed650 rpm
Peak Torque([email protected])245 N.m @2200rpm
Compression Ratio17.5 : 1
Noise Level≤113 dB(A)
Fuel Consumption216 g/kw.h (100% load)
Ignition Sequence1-3-4-2
AspirationNaturally Intake
Exhaust Smoke Number≤2.0
Maximum No Load Governed Speed (r/min)3520
Emission LevelEuro I, II, III (optional)
Warranty time1year or 1500h
Engine Size(L*W*H):921mm x 651mm x 751mm
Weight net330 Kg
Delivary portShanghai
Delivary time15 working days
Trade termesFOB/CIF/CNF
Payement termesT/T,L/C


4BD1 Ø 102mm 4 Cyl.

6BD1 Ø 102mm 6 Cyl.

4BG1 Ø 105mm 4 Cyl.

6BG1 Ø 105mm 6 Cyl.

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