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I have an Acer Travelmate 6465WLMi that I've just installed Windows 7 Professional 32-bit (x86) on, & cant find any windows 7 drivers on acer's website, ive tried their USA, EURO & Australian site's but they have no official drivers for any windows 7 products. Ive also tried using google, but could not find any on the first 3 pages of search results that show up for me, so i gave up. Does anyone have a link to somewhere that i can find drivers for all devices on my 6465WLMi?? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks for trying.

In Internet Explorer, click Tools, and then click Internet Options. On the Security tab, click the Trusted Sites icon. Click Sites and then add these website addresses one at a time to the list: You can only add one address at a time and you must click Add after each one. ACPI Driver for Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit) - ThinkCentre M810z. SHOP SUPPORT. PC Data Center Mobile: Lenovo Mobile: Motorola Smart Service Parts.

But Driver detective is of no use to me, im broke atm & cant afford to buy a registered copy, even though its only like $10. Yes i know, im pathetically broke right now. I also tried the vista drivers but they didnt work, the chipset said it wasnt compatible with my processor. I was able to use the windows 7 32bit driver for the Bluetooth device from another travelmate model.

Here is a list the devices with missing drivers & their hardware id's Unknown Device ACPI SMCF010 O2Micro SmartCardBus_Reader PCMCIA O2Micro-SmartCardBus_Reader-2E10 PCMCIA O2Micro-SmartCardBus_Reader-FFFF-0001 PCMCIA O2Micro-FFFF-0001 Mass Storage Controller PCI VEN_1217&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_010D1025&REV_01 PCI VEN_1217&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_010D1025 PCI VEN_1217&DEV_7130&CC_018000 PCI VEN_1217&DEV_7130&CC_0180 Fingerprint Sensor USB VID_147E&PID_2016&REV_0001 USB VID_147E&PID_2016 any ideas? Update, i have managed to sort out the mass storage controller issue with CardReader_02_3.31.02_W7x86W7x64_A but it only works for the mass storage controller, it doesnt sort out the O2Micro SmartCardBus_Reader i found it using which is 100% free, no purchase or registration required. I am currently testing the other drivers its found for the other devices. Will let you know how i go in case other people have this issue in the future i spose also mention i need a video driver for it as the generic driver that comes with windows 7 doesnt quite cut it.

If this is a Windows 8 upgrade, it's a common problem. First you have to ID the Unknown device in Device Manager with a yellow triange. Take a look at this forum: You can try this. Re-installed my windows OS, all well except acpi smcf010 windows 7 hp don't seem to work - the only driver shown missing from the list - please help. Detective Site Admin. Posts: 205682: Joined: Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:19 pm. Re: Acpi Smcf010 Windows 7 Hp. Post by Detective » Thu Jan 05,.

Aug 15, 2013 HP Pavillion DV9500t - Unkown device (ACPI. Button drivers for windows 7, this will resolve the missing driver problem.

& driveridentifier hasnt got an update for it ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 PCI VEN_1002&DEV_7149&SUBSYS_010D1025&REV_00 PCI VEN_1002&DEV_7149&SUBSYS_010D1025 PCI VEN_1002&DEV_7149&CC_030000 PCI VEN_1002&DEV_7149&CC_0300. Similar help and support threads Thread Forum Hey guys. I have a little problem. I just uprated my Acer TravelMate 4060 laptop with Windows 7 x86 Ultimate. I found all the missing drivers besides Graphic driver.

(Graphic chipset is Intel 915GM Express). And wherever I check, I couldn't find anything useful. As I understand there is no driver. Graphic Cards Hi,Can anyone tell me how to turn this program off,its on an Acer Travelmate 8481 Notebook,Win7 Pro.

From what I have read so far it has to be disabled in the bios once its been activated on the keyboard,it has its own button up by the power on switch,i have had the bios up,but not done anything. General Discussion Hello, I recentlry installed windows 7 professional 32 bit on a travelmate5720 acer and when i 'm trying for example to install adobe flash player BSOD appears and you know the rest.My question is should I keep windows 7 and try to find the correct drivers, if there are any, or should I reinstall. BSOD Help and Support Hello to you all. As a newcomer I'd like to apologize if this has been answered again. I have a problem with the above notebook.

It does not find any bluetooth device. From the manual I have already checked that it has a bluetooth device.

When I try to install the drivers or activate it from the. Hardware & Devices Hi all, Currently I have a Acer TravelMate 3020, would like to upgrade it from Windows XP to Windows 7, my specs is CPU: Intel Core Duo T2300 Chipset: Mobile Intel 945GM Express Front-side Bus: 667MHz Memory: Dual-Channel DDR2 Memory Capacity: 1.5GB Display: 12.1″ TFT LCD w/CrystalBrite.

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Similar Questions • ACPI SMCF010 ACPI HPQ0004 ACPI HPQ0006 are the 3 unknown drivers on my HP Compaq 6910p that shows on my device manager! Please help me to get them as soon as possible! ACPI SMCF010 & ACPI HPQ0004: HP 3D DriveGuard ACPI HPQ0006: HP Quick Launch buttons • I have a compaq laptop 6910p with drivers missing ACPI on Device Manager. I tried to get a download link for Hp to solve the problem BUT nothing helped. Old Trenton Anvil Serial Numbers on this page. I am using windows Xp Pro SP3 Any person having a relationship?

I'd appreciate it. Thank you Hello: Here is the link for the driver you need. Paul • Dear friends, Need support & help, I have Compaq 6910p with Win xp-2, in my laptop there are a few question in graphics.there's background blue & all videos showing bad pixels, I format operating system, reinstall the graphics drivers + updated bios version F.19.if inti any good idea trying to help me. Thnks Hello also update video codecs Check external monitor - if everything's ok, this means that your screen is broken • Hey every1 I'm on Hp Compaq 6910p with OS Windows 7 Ultimate 32 BIT. The bios of my laptop are more then 2 years. The bios Version and the date is (Hewlett-Packard 68MCU worm. E.17, I wanted to update my bios version and went on HP websit for the latest drivers for my laptop and there I saw nothing abt bios for Windows 7.

As windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2000 are of concern, all have mentioned bios column and hav a bios update prior to the last F.19 F.17, July 6, 2010. The bios starts same windows en all these 3. But there nothing abt bios en WWindows7 Please tell me what could be.should I install the update of the bios that are quote en Windows XP, Vista and 2000? Because I am on Windows 7 and there is nothing mentioning bios abt it. You can check it out here Hello: Not only your 6910p can run a 64 bit OS (if the processor T7300 or higher), it can also work with 8 GB of memory (2 x 4 GB of PC2-6400).

Features of HP say that maximum RAM is 4 GB. The PC is out before the chips of memory 4 GB PC2 were widely available.

The Intel 965 chipset supports up to 8 GB of memory. Finally, I installed 8 GB of memory in my 6910p C2D T7300, running Vista x 64, so I know it works. Windows 7 was not a native operating system on your machine. DO NOT FLASH the BIOS if you are under W7. All flashes BIOS 6910p are written for XP or Vista.

Using the flash-based Windows in Windows 7 can kill your laptop dead. In addition, not directly Flash to the latest version, if you decide to Flash the BIOS on XP or Vista. You will get an error. Flash to the next version before all first, and then you can flash to the latest version and get no errors. As others have posted, there is no real need to Flash the BIOS and no BIOS flash will make changes to the usable memory. When you install a 64-bit operating system, you should see more of available memory. Paul • Could you help me how to install windows 7 64 bit on an ssd step by step for HP Compaq 6910p?

All the drivers of your laptop? Thanks in advance. Hello Complete list of drivers is in the following link: The following guidelines may help: Kind regards. • I have a laptop HP Compaq 6910p with windows 7. He asks me to download a program to get my fingerprint sensor work! How to do this please? Hello You must go to the HP support site.

You can search your computer model and download the drivers here. Concerning • I wanted to play a game that asked me to install a new driver with OpenGL support. I found one that has supposedly fit so I started to install. Everything was fine until the reboot part. The image resembles a.bmp picture now. What should do? I need the computer tomorrow so please quick help!

The computer is a Compaq 6910p with Windows XP and Ubuntu multiboots. Problem solved thanks to the restoration of the system, which saved an AVG update yesterday problem solved and computer back to normal. I guess I should keep saving up for my own computer to spoil. • HP Compaq 6910p usable wwan hs2340/f5521gw? Donprast See Page 61, is not supported • Hello I'm working on a laptop HP Compaq 6910p for a friend.

I removed the cover of the memory to make a larger version of the XP license copy # and I was surprised to find there is no memory in the memory slot. I went into the BIOS, and it shows that there is 1024 MB of memory in the computer. This computer has a built-in memory? The specifications also show, it should have 2 memory slots, but I only see 1. Has anyone experience this problem with this computer? Warren The 6910p model has 2 memory cards.

(1) memory expansion card (2) primary memory card Please use the link below to see her remove and replace unit 6910p videos: Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again * Click on the white button on the right to say thank you Thumbs Up *. Make it easier for others to find solutions by checking a response 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank you GBL84 Although I am an employee of HP, I speak for myself and not for HP • Hello I have the computer hp compaq 6910p laptop. This cell phone has a sim card slot. I have a SIM airtel (india), now I just want to establish an internet connection through this.

Above shot shows the hardware details. Help me configure an internet connection, Thank you in advance. Hello: In addition to a SIM card, you must also install the WWAN support card that goes under the keyboard. Please see the service manual for management of the card WWAN and part numbers.

I doubt that you can get more. • I know it's an old. I would like to get his driver I tried to find on the driver download, but I can't connect to this link I would like to get the driver wifi, LAN driver, display driver, driver the finger and driver of the motherboard. Thank you very much! Hello: The company website is currently down (from 10:19 CST). Try again later or tomorrow. • Hi all I recently wiped and installed Windows 7 on a Compaq laptop 6910p I got when sort my desk at work.

I've been trying to get it up and running for what to do, but I was unable to find the drivers I need. Maybe you are looking for • I want a clean slate. Uninstall TB and redownload. My download is delivered with all my files and everything just as it was. Why can't get a new Thunderbird and reset it to my email?

• • Hello I'm unable to install 'Intel (r) Smart Connect technology 5.0_2' he says cannot install error 2753. What it means? • I try to dual-boot Windows 10 with Ubuntu 15.04, but realize that this is not possible, because laptops HP reached default limit partition of 4 primary partitions. I have the following partitions: 199 MB - system 533.5 GB - C: 20.38 GB - recovery (D • HOW CAN I UPGRADE WINDOWS 8 FOR WINDOWS 8.1 PRO. WHEN I CLICK ON ADD FEATURES TO MY SA COMPUTER ASKING FOR THE PRODUCT KEY. I DO NOT KNOW THE PRODUCT KEY DELL MANUFACTURING DIRECTLY INSTALLED IN MY SYSTEM.

SO HOW CAN I SPEND? How can I know the produ.

This was accomplished by using the bit Vista drivers provided by Acer. Woohoo So far, the rest of the inbox acpi smcb work. I have all my programs working as normal Did you force install this driver by manually selecting it? Any other ideas gratefully received!!

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Maybe the upgrade process doesn’t install new drivers? If the device manager contains the yellow exclamation mark, then this would mean that the driver is not acpi smcb000 properly. Unfortunately I have tried your suggested approach probably 20 acpi smcb000 or more with around 8 different drivers. All Acer drivers were from the North American site.

You can find this info from device manager, acpi smcb000 tab and select “Hardware ID”. How to disable SmartCard login Up till the last patch tuesday I had successfully disabled the “Insert Smdb000 login option on my win7 x64 laptop.

Acer Aspire + Win 7 NotebookReview

I will check that the sound avpi not muted – just in case!!! Acpi smcb000 More Posts by baarod. The upgrades were very easy to do thanks to all the help from SSX4life.

Hi Michel, Thanks for your suggestion.

By the way; be sure that sound is not muted! Again I used Acer’s Vista32 drivers and it smch000 flawlessly. I did a fresh install acpi smcb000 Windows7 RTM Acpi smcb000 and everything was installed and ready to go in about 20mins, no problems what so ever.

A neat program http: Using the Driver Signature Override tool doesn’t seem to sjcb000, nor the test mode bcdedit switch. I never installed Vista though acpi smcb000 laptop acpi smcb badged Vista Capable.


How is acpi smcb000 best done and are there any likely issues doing so? What is the hardware ID for your Smart Card?

On the BSoD, it says the problem is with acpi smcb000 file acpi smcb000. So I assume it was still not working. It won’t work with the Logitech package that Acer has. The fix was basically smc000 the driver to ignore the device type reported by the hardware and treat it as a CCID reader. Locate the audio device that was included with the computer.

Acer Aspire 5672 + Win 7

You can also try to delete the Sound controller and reboot the unit. I’ll be installing Windows 7 this weekend on to my upgraded Follow Us Facebook Twitter. DriverGuide maintains an archive of drivers available for free Download. Windows 7 installs smoothly, no fuss. Volume output is also reduced.


According to you setup log, acpi smcb000 have the RC build which has the acpi smcb for the ActivCard issue acpi smcb000 the in-box class driver. No malicious items detected Registry Data Items Infected: I download the Vista32 drivers from Acer and unzipped. For my needs, I’m satisfied and its way less time acpi smcb000 drivers than even sjcb000 XP.

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