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This is the standard start quest for Legacy of the Dragonborn. It is skipped by using the Live Another Life start and the Guild Master Alternate Start both lead into variations of the quest 'Dragonborn Gallery'. This quest can be triggered in one of 3 ways; Walk into the Museum and speak to Auryen Morellus. Jun 05, 2020  Install Legacy’s core package using your mod program like MO2 or Vortex (NMM and manual install is not supported or recommended). Install ALL your other mods and make sure they are activated in your load order BEFORE running the FOMOD Patch Pack. Run the Legacy Patch FOMOD, it will auto detect any supported mods and recommend patches to install. The following mods are supported in V16. For most of these mods, you only need to install and run them alongside Legacy and then Legacy will automatically patch itself to provide special content and features. You can find a list of non-displayable special items added by supported mods here.

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Main Quests
Name EDID Overview
An Interesting ProspectDBM_MuseumJoinQSTThis is the standard introductory quest for Legacy of the Dragonborn.
Dragonborn Gallery (Quest)DBM_RelicHunterQSTAn alternative starting quest used in conjunction with Alternative Start: Live Another Life.
Night at the MuseumDBM_HauntedMuseumQuestSomething is amiss at the museum, it has been closed to the public while Brother Ikard investigates.
Shadows of One's PastDBM_MuseumHiestDastardly figures from Avram's past have resurfaced and cleaned out your museum!
Shattered LegacyDBM_RelicQuestThe culmination of your efforts with Auryen, Shattered Legacy takes you all over Skyrim recovering relics of previous Dragonborn of history.
A Room with a ViewDBM_ExplorerGuildHouse Auryen has an idea to build a guild centred around archaeology.
Digging Up ExplorersDBM_ExplorerGuildmembersNow that you've built the Explorer's Society Guild House it's time to seek some new members.
The Excavation of Windcaller PassDBM_Excavation01Uncover the hidden valley of Windcaller Pass and collect it's treasures.
The Excavation of the Ruins of RkundDBM_Excavation02Excavate a long forgetting Dwemer ruin full of challenging puzzles.
The VisageDBM_Excavation03PreludeAfter following the mysterious ghost under Fort Greenwall you uncover an ancient Snow Elf ruin.
Trial of TrinimacDBM_Excavation03Beat the Falmer in an epic crusade to retrieve the Neb-Crescen.
Side Quests
Name EDID Overview
It Belongs in a MuseumDBM_MuseumIndarysQuestYou are sent to retrieve the Staff of Indarys.
Much Ado About Snow ElvesDBM_MuchAdoAboutSnowElvesAfter completing The Lost Expedition for Calcelmo, he has another task for you.
The Vaults of DeepholmeDBM_DHQuestUncover an ancient tomb and retrofit it as a secure vault.
Ongar's KegbreakerDBM_OngarKegbreakerOngar's hammer makes him drunk after just a few swings, he'll trade it away for a fitting replacement.
The Hand of GloryDBM_WaystoneQuestAs Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, reassemble The Hand of Glory.
The Ayleid CrossroadsDBM_WaystoneQuestThe Ayleid Waystone you recovered during your travels may be more useful than you think.
Radiant Quests
Name EDID Overview
Finders Keepers DBM_RadiantRelicQST A radiant quest that will send you to retrieve a new artifact for the museum.
One Man's Junk DBM_RadiantBookQSTLatoria asks you to collect ruined books, which she can turn into scrolls, rare books and even treasure maps.
Relic Hunt DBM_SextantHandler The special ability of Schneider's Sextant allows you to locate a nearby treasure.
Research Project DBM_ResearchQST Use knowledge gained from reading books to uncover a new book or artefact for the museum.
Misc Quests
Name EDID Overview
Back to the Drawing BoardDBM_ImbuningMachineConstruct your own Imbuing machine in the museum.
The Phantom CacheDBM_GhostChestQSTTrack down the legendary Phantasmal Chest.
Utility Quests
Name EDID Overview
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